Sunday, November 13, 2011

Two in a Row ?

It's Gameday Dolfanz and  I know there's only one thing on your mind. Is this the week  the Phins put together a wining streak? Is this the week the Phins break the 7 game home losing streak. Is this the week the Phins take another step towards coming together as a cohesive unit; or do they take a step back and lose to another team in the Redskins that they have out classed and should beat!

OK Dolfanz this is it. This is the week we get our first win streak. This is the week that Matt Moore and the offense put together another strong showing. This is the week that the defense shows up back to back weeks; and this is the week we take another step towards respectability.

Expect the offense to put together some big plays again this week. You can expect to see Reggie Bush get out in space and put up some solid rushing numbers. Expect to see Brandon Marshall streaking down the sideline. Expect to see Athony Fasano along with the rest of the recieving core coming up big in the redzone; and expect to see the O-line impose it's will on the skins.

The "D" will most certainly come up big again this week making big stops on key plays. Certainly coming up big in the secondary. Certainly shutting down the skins receivers in the secondary and; this is the week the defense comes up with big turnovers! I know some of you out there are probably about to fall out of your chair laughing at this but you'll see this is the week and; if you dont think so leave a comment and lets here why not. If you agree then lets hear it!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What IF?

Ok Dolfanz so since our first win of the season the new hot topic is no longer will we get Andrew Luck but, might we actually get, dare I say it, Peyton Manning? Ok ok sounds far fetched I know and I agree. However lets entertain for a brief moment that this becomes a possibility and I do mean brief. Well then if it was a possibiltiy what should we do? To be honest I'm absolutely dying to hear everyones thoughts on this one because it is such an interesting possibility even if it is based on fantasy. I'll tell you what I think and I'll keep it short and sweet. I promise.

Ok so the draft is over and we didn't get the oh so coveted 1st pick and Andrew Luck but, lets assume we drafted a talented QB prospect in a later round. Indy of coarse got the first pick drafted Luck and for some reason they think its time to part ways with Manning. Hand the reins over to Luck right out of the gate (not gonna happen but play along anyway). Trade away their sure first ballot Hall of Famer. Now the're looking for a trade partner to trade for future draft picks or a minibus full of players and draft picks. What should Miami do? Trade or not to trade?

Simple dolfanz! You take Manning and run laughing all the way to the superbowl bank. It's a no brainer providing a couple of conditions are met. first and foremost Peyton is healed reayt to go and he passes a rigurous physical by team doctors. Second you dont have to trade away a rediculous amount of picks. You give up a first round pick and a conditional 2nd pick and maybe one player to sweeten the pot. Thats it. Lets face it the guy is 35 you're probably only gonna get 3 seasons out of him.

Once you have Peyton you give hime what he needs to win. We already have a good offensive line. Not great but good and Manning will make them look a whole lot better. We already have solid offensive weapons. Not prolific atleast not until Peyton gets to town. We have a good defense. Not great but good. Peytons gonna keep'em fresh since they're not going to be on the field long thus making them look so much better. As for the kid we picked up in the draft you sit him behind Peyton make him follow Peyton around like his shadow learning everything he possibly can for three years or so and now you have the same problem Greenbay has. NOBODY CAN BEAT YOU!!!

It's a nobrainer Dolfanz! We had a chance like this a few years ago with a guy named ah what was his name again ah? Oh yeah DREW BREES and we passed on him and look what the guy has done since then. He took a mediocre team and made them freaking SUPERBOWL CHAMPS; and oh by the way he's on pace to break Dan Marino's single season yardage record. How's that sound?
Sounds great to me. So lets hear it Dolfanz what do you think? Take Manning don't take Manning? Why or why not? I wanna know and; if you dont have an opinion on this you dont have a pulse.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Welcome Dolfanz

Welcome Dolfanz and welcome to my new blog. First allow myself to introduce... my..self. Im a 32 year old lifelong Diehard Dolfan and you all know what that means. Yes I still believe #13 is the best QB of all time but you had to see him in action for real to truly appreciate the talent. (and yes I have a large autographed poster of the MAN among other memorobilia in my living lie). So now with my dolfan credentials affirmed lets get down to bussiness.

So with the Dolphins first win in the books for 2011 season and a few days under the bealt to digest it I'm sure a lot of folks either want to talk about or hear about why we won or how the chiefs lost. Well sorry to disappoint Dolfanz but that just isn't gonna happen today! Atleast not here anyway. What I wanna talk about is the coaching staff and more than that lets talk about one member of the coaching staff in general the Head Coach. That's right folks good old Tony Sparano.

So I know there's alot of of emotion out there and maybe a little animosity with reguards to Tony right now but, (brace yourselfs dolfanz here it comes) the guy is not a bad head coach. Now I know alot of you are reaching for your mouses getting ready to vote with your feet but hear me out for just a second. Lets remeber that Tony inherited a mess of franchise and dare I say that having the Tuna in the front office was probably the biggest contributing factor to the mess we're in right now. Remember now we're talking about a coach who inherited a 1-15 team and took them from worst to first in the AFC-East in his first season.

Alright yes there was some contributing factors to that feat. Tomy Brady was injured most of the season, the jets had an ailing Brett Favre and the Bills were abismal. But lets give credit were credit is do. The guy came in won over the locker room started Pennington and instilled an attitude of winning in a team that had totally given up on Cam Cameron. Speaking of giving up thats something this Dolphins locker room hasn't done as we could see by their performance on Sunday in K.C. So before you condemn Tony as coach that needs to go, I say give this guy a descent QB and watch were we go. The fact of the matter is you just can't win in this league consistently with out a good QB. He doesn't have to be great just good and lets be honest Chad Henne isnt the answer. I'd rather see Matt Moore back next year than Henne. Atleast Matt has some fire, some moxy, some heart just like his head coach.

Yes so in my opinion (which really accounts for little) I say give Tony one more season. One more season with a QB who can win. One more season with a defense that has had the chance to build some chemistry. One more season  without the Tuna stinking up the place. One more season with the coaching staff of his choice and one more season to  show Dolfanz what Tony and this team is truly made of. So love em, hate em or just be indifferent the man deserves to complete his current contract and then lets see where the Dolphins are at Dolfanz and I'll bet you even money this time next season you'll be singing a different tune. I promise.